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4 things to consider when remodeling your home

The pursuit of the highest standard of living doesn’t stop with buying a luxury home. There’s always room to make life even sweeter, as long as you understand the right way to upgrade your home.

Here are four expert tips to keep you on the right track when you invest in home renovations and remodeling:

  • Always think ahead
  • Even though you’re putting in work to enjoy better home living right away, keep in mind that whatever renovations you make today impacts your home’s resale value in the future. This is the overarching principle guiding all the other points of advice that follow.

  • Location, location, location
  • Always take into account your home’s location. The changes you make on your home should be in sync with the lifestyle that prevails in the rest of your neighborhood.

  • Where and what to remodel
  • When it comes to home renovation, the rule of thumb is to keep it practical and simple.

    Be mindful of changing or adding too much to your home. Remember that real estate specialists advise buyers against aiming for the priciest house in the neighborhood. You don’t want to risk your property becoming over-valued in relation to the homes around it, thus hurting its chances of getting the attention of serious buyers.

    By being smart with your renovation projects, you can recoup most, if not all of what you invested in upgrading your living space. For Chicago luxury homes, here are the areas where you can maximize your changes:

    Snazzy gourmet kitchens

    The kitchen is a good place to make major changes because it’s always among the top considerations that buyers look at when choosing a home. Boost your kitchen with large islands, stainless steel finishes, and a full suite of appliances from a popular and trusted manufacturer.

    You can consider adding a kitchen to your outdoor spaces, as well. A patio furnished with a gas range and fire pit is becoming one among several popular upgrade ideas for luxury homes.

    Spa-style bathrooms

    Make everyday feel like a vacation by infusing a resort-spa feel in your master bathrooms. Key additions and upgrades you can pick to improve your baths include steam showers, heated floors, and towel-warming drawers.

    Smart home features

    A home that promises the highest quality of living should be one that maximizes cutting-edge technologies. Practical smart home upgrades include security devices like smart door locks and internet-connected security cameras, adaptive thermostats, and a wirelessly-networked digital entertainment system.

    Subtle décor tweaks

    A good sense of style can add an air of elegance and sophistication to your luxury house without doing any major restructuring. Consider upgrading to lush upholstery. Play with contrasting textures, like embroidered cushions against a velvet couch or a smooth-painted wall against timber flooring.

  • The age of the house
  • Learn when your house was built and if its exterior and interior features can accommodate the changes you have in mind. An advantage of more recently built houses is a more flowing, open layout that suits the modern lifestyle.

    If your luxury home was built earlier, say, in the mid-20th century, how much does its design restrict your renovation options?

    On another note, if you bought a historic homestead, consider whether remodeling can harm its stature and prestige. Perhaps subtle changes can prove more impactful than major teardowns and additions.

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